After a two-year stint at the University of Wisconsin Law School, Kathleen Noonan, JD, recently returned to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute to serve as co-director of PolicyLab, an organization she helped establish.

In 2008, along with current co-Director David Rubin, MD, MSCE, Noonan founded PolicyLab, which works to develop evidence-based solutions for the most challenging health-related issues affecting children. Trained as a lawyer, Noonan's work has long focused on the intersection of policy and health law, and over the years she has helped a number of government agencies restructure their systems and policies.

Prior to originally joining Children's Hospital, Noonan spent a number of years at the Baltimore, Md.-based Annie E. Casey Foundation, working to produce positive public system change. She is also the former associate director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for High Impact Philanthropy, where she remains a senior fellow.

In 2010 she left Children's Hospital to join the University of Wisconsin Law School where, in addition to teaching a course on health law, she headed the development of the school's JD-MPH program and its Government and Legislative Law Clinic. "The legal aspects of public health are significant, and there is a growing need for professionals trained in both disciplines," Noonan noted.

Now that she has returned to PolicyLab, Noonan hopes to expand the Center's understanding of how laws affect health outcomes for children and their families. She also plans to build on PolicyLab's "evidence to action mission," by "expanding our know-how around program and policy implementation in both public and private systems," Noonan noted.

"I am delighted to be back at PolicyLab with founding co-director, David Rubin, and the many talented and dedicated people within our Center and CHOP," Noonan said.